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Your local Plantation pool service!


What We Do

At Plantation Pools we do our best to bring you the best pool service possible. From installations to repairs, our skilled and highly trained team can can handle any and all pool needs.

Cleaning the Pool

Get to Know Us

Owned and operated by a local Plantation resident and Firefighter. We take pride in caring for every pool as if it were our own. Keeping a log of every pool's status including chemicals and treatments. We offer swimming pool/spa servicing maintenance and repairs along with installations of equipment. We cater our services to your needs which allows us to work with within your budget, to bring you the best pool service possible. 

Residential Services

Prices vary as they are based on size, vegetation around the pool, and other factors.

Please call to request a quote. 


Bi-Weekly Service

  • Chemical testing and treatment for water including algaecide and phosphates if necessary.

    • Brushing pool 

    • Skimming surface

    • Vacuuming the bottom of the pool

    • Cleaning filter, filter basket, and skimmer basket as needed. 

Basic Chemistry Service

  • Complete chemical testing and treatment for water including algaecide and phosphates if necessary. 

  • Brushing pool 

Standard Weekly Service

  • Chemical Testing and treatment for water, chlorine, tab(if necessary), PH, Alkalinity, Calcium, and salt (if necessary). 

  • Brushing Pool

  • Skimming surface 

  • Vacuuming bottom of the pool, as needed.

  • Cleaning filter, filter basket, and skimmer basket as needed. 


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